Saturday, March 21, 2009

My faux persona

I only keep this blog to remind me of my three alt personalities who are wild and crazy.
But sometimes I find it the quickest link to my wittle baby seeester.
The Froth.
Feral pigs and pumas stalk her, so please be watchful and protect her.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sometimes you get a hint

That you're not supposed to do something.
What you've been training for is still good stuff, but you're immediate goal is not what you originally intended.
Caught a nasty cold. Big stair climb is off.
But they still get my money for leukemia research, but it's annoying not to be able to do the climb.
but next year, I'll be in good enough shape, enough advance notice to
wipe some ass.

12 minutes, i tell you i can to it in twelve minutes, no caps NO CAPS, no PUNCtuatION involved.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Nuts is as nuts does

So I'm gonna try and haul my stomach up 69 flights of stairs for a good cause.
I have done that in practice and should be able to finish in under 30 minutes,
hopefully under 20, but my practice stairs aren't 69 contiguous flights,
so it's hard to tell if I'm really ready.

But the stair monster says I am. It's a big ugly stair stepper and I'm not gonna argue.

Supposedly there's massages at the end of this climb, but I've been reading the fine print and I don't think overweight farting geezers will be first in line. Damn.

At least I made the monetary goal so next year I can do this again. What? Are I crazy? Yah, sure, ya betcha. How else you gonna stay in shape in geezerhood if you don't kill yourself trying!