Sunday, May 30, 2010

Crunchy slugs

If you happen here it's because it's a Google blog and mostly I'm on Wordpress but sometimes I post comments and end up having to use the Google login, which is fine for me, but may confuse others.

Not unexpected though for latent schizophrenia.

This year so far it's been cool so we'll be living on peas and lettuce.
The tomatoes are up but they are just sitting there frowning and refuse to grow any larger. I wouldn't grow any larger either except I'm already large.

It's so cold that the slugs follow me when I slog around the yard. It's a good thing they can't move fast or I'd be slug bait. "OOOOOOOO! Warm body!" I can hear them burbling or whatever sound slugs make. "Must catch, must make slime, warm wonderful slime!"