Monday, February 09, 2009

Only the dead, die

So what goes around, comes upchuck.

Some people are now on blogger that used to be and then were not and there were/are.

Alas, I had forgotten who I wis, and my only blogger personalities were my wandering girls.

I'm sure some of you are dying for the update.

One is living alone in a remote town where it appears she was/is a succubus, and the town is empty, and she's getting ready to ride a bike to try to find civilization again.

Numero Two is just a free spirit with no brains and a lot of alcoholic input. Boring.

And the old timer 3 is preggers! and handling it pretty good for a scrawny neurotic.

Since I get about 1 hit per year here, if you need the link let me know.

Just comment: dude, i need a wife, set me up!

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