Monday, June 05, 2006

Burundi Quilting Project

David Niyonzima arrived from Burundi. Since Ms. Dwelf was splotchily in capacitated, I picked him up at the airport and drove his very tired person to his crash place at the Haydens.

Sunday night we had a fund raising dessert buffet to raise money so
Ms. Dwelf can return to Burundi and continue teaching abused women
a trade, quilting. $3000! raised.

Totally awesome. Now she needs to get some grants!

Everyone is very very very excited. It's stuff like this
that helps stabilize Africa.

She, Ms. Dwelf, has also raized $2000 to help build an
entire building and supplies for a community in
east Congo (still a dangerous place).

When she was there she asked how much. They said $2000
for an entire structure, school and extra rooms. plus
all the accoutrments.

I get all teary eyed thinking about it. $2000 is nothing to Americans.
It's easy to help the world, even if it's just money.
But someone has to organize it.

Saint Ms. Dwelf. hmmm, may have to work on that.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome, dearies. Why don't you post more about the details?

The Froth