Monday, June 05, 2006

Fun with itches

Mrs. Dwelf started getting itchy spots and puffinesses.
"Aronia berries in the juice!" she cried.
But a google of aronia and allergies produced nothing,
in fact aronia is highly recommended for allergic reactive people.

So I google mangoes. Mangoes, many people are allergic.
Went to the doctor, got Benadryl and drink lots of fluids.
We removed the mangoes but
days passed. But not too many.

Itchy itchy and puffy eyes and lips (free collagen injections!).

Monday morning, she calls the consulting nurse who says,
"Get your splotchy ass in here."

She goes to see Dr. KATO! Now we're talking! KATO!

Patricia Kato. Ah, Ms. Dwelf is Patricia. Now we're really talking.

Time passes. I read my book. Finally I'm called in.

Dr. Kato is 1) a babe, 2) really good.
What's the cause? Don't know but could be the blood pressure med, so stop that immediately and check your pressure frequently. Come in if it goes over 150/90.

Prednisone, steroid, should see results in 5 hours.
Ratgutsadine, does something with histamines and acid reflux.
Pifflegooberosine, antihistamine.
AND an EpiPen, just in case.
The doc says, if the throat swelling was new in the last 24 hours, I'd be very concerned, but since it's been around for a few days, eh, not to worry.

But we'll send you home with the epipen just in case.

So at least I ran through the test procedure for using this!
Someone else did not!

Six hours later, her face is almost normal.
She's complaining about new splotches, obviously a newbie to allergies. Sweety, it takes a couple days to flush your system and let the new drugs acclimate.

Meanwhile the last of her uncles is on his death bed, all the sons have come to Tacoma. Uncle Peewee from Alabama is quite a character. He should have smoked less, but still he made it to a pretty good old age.

All the aunties are still alive.

Life goes on.


Anonymous said...

Please tell Ms. Dwelf to be well! That is scary and creepy. Mangoes?

I'm sorry about Mr. Uncle.

Your frothing sis

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Blood pressure meds? Were they new? That's even creepier.

Me, the froth