Monday, April 10, 2006

88 Keys

So I blasted away at the piano on Sunday in church.
I figure I hit about 92% accuracy. Fortunately
with everybody singing, that 8% variation isn't
too bad.
The offertory was a little random, but it was rousing,
so unless you've heard it played correctly you might
not notice the unrehearsed accidental jazz notes
or deredundant improvisation.
I could feel Mark Hayes cringing, wherever he is.

A friendly family 'donated' a very old 3/4 grand piano
to the church and now they have their living room back.
Much money has been spent to attempt to get it into
tune. It's not holding tuning very well, it might
settle down. But after at least 100 years, the
action, especially in the lower registers sucks.

It is not fun to play. I doubt that it can be
made playable without some extreme costly repairs.

Since I'm the main (read - only) player at the moment,
the pressure is on.
"Oh, a grand piano. Wouldn't it be wonderful?"

No, it wouldn't. I'm trying to dampen any attempts
at partial work hoping that might make it playable.
They gotta realize it's macho mucho bucks with some
chance it still won't be ok, and that it's
not worth it.
It's a very old piano (handed down in the family) that
isn't ever going to be concert playable again.

Then we'll have to figure out what to do with it,
because it's sitting there in the sanctuary looking weird.

So I've gotta be the bad guy.

Meanwhile, our little piano is suffering, so it
needs work or replacement. It would be the
better investment.

But regardless, nobody has any money anyway!
The church has had some sudden unexpected expenses,
and all us peoples have been forced to go on
trips to New Zealand, Guatemala, Arizona,
oh the pain, the pain.
And of course cars break down, and I had to get
a bionic tooth, and now Miss Patty needs a
bionic tooth. Sigh.

And we need big bucks to go to Ireland next year.
Don't think we'll make it.

H. Squash Perot might make a contribution if his
idiot campaign manager would have one of those
$1000/plate dinners, but no! He has him out
stumping in Wamsutter, Wyoming and
Bitter Water, North Dakota. No big
contributors there.

I wonder if I can make some extra bucks
working as an illegal alien.


FrothMistress said...

A half grand piano?

FrothMistress said...

Excuse me. 3/4 grand. I have a .00089 grand. I suppose.