Monday, April 17, 2006

Taxes win

Death put up a good fight, but taxes won again.
I thought we would owe money, but after I read
instructions for paying the IRS money --
put your home phone and SS number on your check --
I thought, "Over my dead body! Can you say
identity theft?"

Death perked right up for a second there.
But the internet beckoned and I found a tax
prep package that seemed cheap and adequate.

After a couple time through it to get rid
of my double entries, it kept telling me
we would get money back. And it was right!
I made a booboo and it caught it.

So I hit the SUBMIT button and it looks
like we'll get enough back that we can
buy food on this weekend's trip to the ocean.
I hate long weekends at the beach where
we have to live off slugs, snails,
mussels and seaweed.

Since the baby sis is sailing around on the water,
and we'll be at the ocean, I should be able
to channel her vibes easily just by sticking my toe
in the so-cold-even-witches-don't-stick-their-
tits-in-it water. The oceanic mindmeld, or toemeld.

Well, excuse me now, I have to post obscenities
on the Frothing Mistress's's site. I know, I know,
I'm not really good at the summabitchin stuff,
but then I don't live in Hellwater, Texas either.

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FrothMistress said...

Helloooo? Helloooo? I bet you're all are still freezing in the witch-titless water! Hah! We're decompressing and waiting for our lost luggage.