Saturday, May 20, 2006

All about bird bath soup

The dainties should not read this.

Yesterday the birdbath was clean. The weather was 69 and lovely.
This morning, light rain, then the sun came out.
I tipped the cat over and proceeded to drag
the weedeater, kicking and screaming to the back 40.
Time hack some blackberries.

Hack we did.

Then I said, I should hack around the birdbath
so's that the grass isn't too high and the little
birdies can see the cat coming.

Whack whack whack, EWWWWW!

The birdbath contained:

partial bird, probably baby robin
another larger bone, probably not bird
(I haven't removed them yet, I'm getting up
the stomach for it).
The temperature is not Houston, but still
68 and enough to make soup out of it after
a long afternoon.

I can't just toss it into the bushes,
the cat might try and eat it.


not the cat
not the possums
not the raccoons, they would have tipped the
bird bath over

This leaves the crows.
They have already destroyed the bushtit nest,
and are very aggressive in the yard,
definitely have a nest in the area.

Even the most ferocious beast in North America,
BARGELLO, descended from Asiatic Lions,
killer of all, is challenged by an adult crow.

I just hope my tombstone doesn't read:

He never sent cards on anybody's birthday
Is it any wonder the crows drowned him in the bird bath?


FrothMistress said...

Hey. We never remember birthdays either. I'll probably forget to send you yours for this week.

Crows are nasty birds. Bluejays are related, I believe and we have some. We had a big fat robin bathing the other day. Just splatting around.
We put mosquito dunks in the birdbath and french drain. I'm not sure they're working.
Bones? Bones? geez

FrothMistress said...

Hey! I'm a dainty! I read it.
Well, I THOUGHT I was dainty. Maybe just a polite.