Monday, May 29, 2006


My wife's Italian and Denmarkist, Denmarkian, Denmarkite?
Turns out this Italian Ponzi dude back in the 1910s came up with
this scheme to use the uneven exchange rates with foreign
countries to make money. Sounds good on paper, but like
pyramid schemes, it eventually has to collapse.

A woman in our church was touting her enormous 38%
secure return on her house equity investment, but was coy
about telling us who she was dealing with.

Usually some in her position should be trying to get other
people to buy in, but maybe she's new to this and thinks
she's got a deal nobody else knows about.

Sunday she happened to mention the 'company.'

Oops, a quick internet check and scam bam thank you ma'am.

She's not the type you can talk out of something. She's always
finding new things, new products, hasn't really pressed selling
them to people, but when her house gets absorbed by the beast,
what choice will she have?

Meanwhile some of us have enough sense to realize we
can make a killing on the online poker venue.

All those naive people playing against sneaky devils like me.
Already I've sucked them in, -138% on my 'investment', so now
they think I'm weak and desperate!

Muhahahahahaha, fullhouse! Dorks over Dumbsh*ts.

Please feed my cat until I can make bail. Thanks.


FrothMistress said...

Hey. You can join all the young college peeps hanging here playing poker. I tried last night to play two hands. I was pathetic.

Dwelf the senior raincoat said...

The Washington state legislature passed a new law making online gambling a felony, so I'm now the equivalent of a child molester or worse. Even weed smoking is only a misdemeanor.
It appears they did it to keep the Indian casinos from creating online poker sites within the state.
Tax the business and take a load of the taxpayers.