Friday, February 10, 2006

Fluster Buster

Sometimes I (we) make up word combinations and Google them.
Do they already exist? Are we (I) not so creative as (I)we thought?

OR WORSE! Nobody has thought of them. Should we register
domain names? How much money is in my bank account?
Some of these ideas are priceless! Oh my god, we must
run with the idea now before some other slobbering
maroon accidentally thinks of it too.

Last night, I spent an unpleasant night wheezing.
My suspicion is an asian green bean salad i've never eaten before
or possibly something in the other ingredients. I'm not known
for my food allergies. But if it was just an air allergy
the wheeze spray would have taken care of it, so I suspect
food assasination.
Anyway, left my very tired for today. Not a bad day at work,
but too tired to work out, which makes me CRANKY!

Then I rented Wallace and Grommet: wererabbit and the wife
already tried to watch on the plane to Africa, but she's
nearly threw up (small screen, blurpy image) so she's
willing to try it again.

So I went online lost, $30 at poker, and googled "FLUSTER BUSTER"

Parrots. that's all i'm gonna say, parrots.
they're taking over the world.


FrothMistress said...

What scares me is I understood everything you said.

FrothMistress said...

Google whack. You've done that, surely.