Tuesday, February 14, 2006

OK here's the truth

Seems somehow the rational members of our family
have somehow stumbled upon our blogs.
There is nothing identifiable here.
Dwelf, nobody knows Dwelf.
And I only babble about irrelevant stuff.
Nobody even reads this blog.
Therefore it must be the little sister's famous blog.

So I have to either, go underground, or
spew my internal grist for all the world to see.

Oh, I can't. It's too much.
If I'm lucky, Dick Cheney will shoot
me and put me out of my mystery.

Wait, just a minute.
Gruff Ducks is very much out of date.
Let me fix that up, then pepper me with buckshot.

1 comment:

FrothMistress said...

You idiot! I'm not famous. I'm just an insignificant blogger with a big mouth.
Where IS the "older" sister? Huh?