Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Olympiczzzzzzzzz. huh?

So us geezers take turns dozing off then hoping the other one
has watched whatever was on the Olympics, then we
switch off.

It's not that the Olympics are boring, we're just unable to
recline without snoring. But at least I woke up in time
to see Sasha Cohen's short program, excellent.

Some friends were discussing whether ice dancing was
a sport, and after much discussion, they came up with:

If you can break a bone doing it, it's a sport.

I think that's overly broad, myself.
I know people who have broken bones having sex,
kicking chairs (at the office out of frustration),
falling in the shower, etc. These cannot be
considered sports.

I continue my attempt to get back in running shape,
however, a friend at McGill working on her philosophy
PhD was describing her six year old daughter's reaction
to her first Poutine complete with a side of hot dog
with cabbage on it.
She didn't like the cabbage.

Why has poutine not infiltrated the US?
Finding fresh cheese curd may be part
of the problem. There may be some
available at the Seattle Pike Place Market.
This could really slow down my running.

Poutine: french fries covered with dark chicken gravy and cheese curds

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Anonymous said...

Gad that sounds so good. My mouth is watering. Oh yum.
Your hungry sister waiting for another board meeting