Monday, March 20, 2006

Another day in oblivion

Although a small amount of work was accomplished
in the garden, I am no Chauncey ( 2pts if you know the reference).

I was hoping to get a bit of sun, vitamin D from sunshine is good for us.
Fifteen minutes per day. But it's a working Monday and windy so a little too cold to expose my flatulent body to the pod people in the business building next door.

Lost several cacti this winter, important ones. Sad. Had one day
of very cold temps in the greenhouse, that probably did it. Must rebuild supposed greenhouse because it's godawful ugly and finally falling apart enough that it isn't holding heat well.

Hopefully the wife's grant applications will bring in millions!

She returns Thursday unless she's been kidnapped by Honduran rebels.

Which reminds me, Gruff Ducks website is slowly being updated AND

It's never very up-to-date but do you know how hard it is for ducks to type?


FrothMistress said...

I admit I had to research the reference to Being There.

What cacti kicked the bucket? That's too bad. They're so pretty and old there.

When is Ms. Patty coming home?

FrothMistress said...

Never mind. You already said she's coming home Thursday. I don't read so good sometimes.
I want a t-shirt.