Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It's a sign, but what?

Here I am, converting WAV files to MP3 and back because I taped a lecture series at our church given by Tom Ham from Earlham College about the history of Quakers.
Absolutely fascinating. You'd think this would be dry stuff, but
he is a very interesting speaker.

So I normally use my 10 key pad for number entry, which is a good thing,
because I looked at my keyboard and my number seven above the qwerty was

I think it's broken.
It must be a broken heart from lack of use, because
I surely have not worn it out.

I found out two months ago that the computer mouse does not
like beer. Had to buy a new mouse.
The computer had a veritable snit, but has finally
come to accept the new critter.

If I have to get a new keyboard, oh woe, oh woe.
See what a horrific and sad life I lead.

Oh, 13 tomato seedlings have sprung up.
If you need some, put in your order now.
I'll be starting more in April.

I think the varieties this year are:

Stupice, nobody knows how to pronounce it, very early and sturdy producer

Big Hunk-a-Beef I'll Whoop Yer Ass, a tomato with attitude, hope it keeps the
diseases away

Sweet Phoophie Baby Tomatoes, did these last year, good cherry tomato that
resists splitting when it rains

I here thumps upstairs. The cat may have brought in a critter.
Must leave now and hope there's no bloody remains in the futon.

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FrothMistress said...

Jeff is forgoing tomaters this year. We don't get enough of the right sun and things eat them.

Keyboards don't like white wine either.