Wednesday, March 29, 2006


The tomato seedlings are up, and with attitude.
These are the strongest seedlings I've ever seen.
But the absolute earliest I can put them out is May 1,
preferably May 15. That's a long time to keep them in pots.

They will get big. They will hate me for transplanting them.

I will plant them in a new raised bed where everything I have
ever planted there did horribly. But no tomatoes or potatoes
have every been grown there, so hopefully they will be
disease free and healthy unless the cat lays upon them.

June 3 is apple bagging day. YOU ARE ALL INVITED!
Come on up and bag the baby apples on the tree so
that they are safe from
MAGGOTS (pretend this is a superscript 1 for footnote)
and moths and
grow up to be super apples.

I guess the bad news is, is the maggots get frustrated
and will in desperation attack the pears.

Howsomever, it's only a day's work, and perfect
pears are worth it if I must bag them. Might
keep the birds and squirrels off them too.

Might try it on some of the peaches too.

It's gonna be a strange looking yard this year.

1. Maggots are gregarious animals and travel around in 'maggot masses'. Their digestive activities are so intense that the corpse heats up in the vicinity of a maggot mass, sometimes reaching 53 celsius. It can get so hot inside a maggot mass, that centrally located maggots have to migrate to the edge to cool down. However, the heat is a bonus, because it increases the rate of putrefaction, and the rate of digestion.


FrothMistress said...

That is so fricking gross. However, we must have fostered our own maggot masses recently. On a dead animule in the attic that stunk up the place for awhile. Since as how we now have hundreds of flies roaming our house.
Free range flies in a stupor.

Save an apple for us.

Dwelf the senior raincoat said...

yes, i sure we've had dead animals somewhere in the basement, maybe bodies the cat dragged in.
Spring, some smell, then flies, fortunately it all passes quickly.
Someday we'll re=wall the basement room, and find many skeletons.