Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bloggers or boogers

I am a good typist. I learned it from my high school Latin teacher, who's wife was the town's mayor at one point.

Nonetheless, Google or is it Goggle, keeps asking me if I meant boogers when I type blogger.

I have a vast experience with boogers, as most of you have also, no doubt.
They are more versatile than some people think.
They can be used as emergency glue.
They can be a source of entertainment or at least ennui lessening.

One mistake some of us superbooger users make is mining a
nice juicy thick mucousy sticky booger and getting and inner ear
itch and quickly attacking, oops, with the booger laden finger.

I have searched the internet and have not found one medical instance
of a doctor or nurse having to extract a booger from someone's ear.
Docs and nurses have had to extract some pretty strange objects
from various parts of peoples' bodies.

But I'm thinking that extracting a superbooger from any body orifice
is a supersecret no no. So I want you all to confess!

Because I know you've put boogers places they shouldn't go!


Anonymous said...

I feel like horking after reading that.

Your sis

Dwelf the senior raincoat said...

yes, purge, it cleans you out

Anonymous said...

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