Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Undernourished Vegetables

It's no surprise that a Texas researcher (they grow things big in Texas) discovered that our fruits and vegetables contain significantly fewer nutrients than they used to.

Apparently due to growing faster, bigger, more shelf stable produce, the plants pick up fewer nutrients. The exception is carrots, which are being grown to be more orangey, improving their vitamin A content.

You could buy organic but that can be significantly more expensive.
Personally, even though I live in the city, I grow my own apples and potatoes (two crops that are way too heavily pesticided), and home grown potatoes (like tomatoes) are 100x tastier than store bought.

I just put in two new apple trees. We have apple maggot so I will spend two days in late June putting plastic bags over the maturing apples. Time intensive but the result is supposed to be spectacular and no pesticides at all.

For those of you who can't garden or even do container planting, well,
but the smallest withered produce you can find because the
nutrients should be more concentrated!

Remember, you are what you eat.
So you can be large and fluffy, with dementia, berberi and dandruff,
or you can be small and withered and stinky, but without odd disease, just odd appearance,
you can quit your job and go live in the south sea islands.

But do not even think of coming into my yard and stealing my apples.
Don't even think about my strawberries.
Do not ponder my tomatoes.
I have an attack cat, and he's strong and mean, and will kill
to protect his organic rats which feast on my apples, and potatoes,
and tomatoes, and...

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