Sunday, January 15, 2006


grease the cogs of gentility! love that line!!!
Mr. well, dude Bode Miller, is just another young person,
imo, who is perhaps overspending his life budget, but
otherwise is telling it how it is.

He's not the only semisober lunatic out there.
And he didn't get there just by genes alone,
he's spent the time to get good at what he does.

So, can we say the same about our lives?
If yes, I say, then let him tell it like it is,
reality and selfishness are on the same side of the coin.

Where's the edge? and who's calling it?
Who's casting scones?
S/He who lives in grass house shouldn't throw scones!

Next thing you know they'll be mocking H Ross Perot
by painting his face on gourds.
Lordy, lordy, where is the Holy Spearmint?

1 comment:

FrothMistress said...

Fie on your scones, I say!
Hell, at least I don't work drunk.
What a goon.

You may use the term grease the cogs if you'd like. I'm nice like that.