Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Poor but dry

Plumber Dan is back to finish up some old leaky
pipes. How old are they? So old he says one of them
is lead. Fortunately it's a drainpipe.

Dan looked at our plumbing and said,
"Hmm, it's all backwards, in reverse.
Doesn't really hurt anything but that sure
is strange."

The hard things are turning out to be easy,
the easy things (simple faucets) are turning
out to be faucets from hell.

Dan's biggest challenge will be the bathroom
sink drain. Barely accessible and corroded.

Seattle is working on beating a record of
33 straight days with rain. Hillsides are
sliding down, even sidewalks have turned to mud.
But Dan has saved us from wetness
and an overly big bank account.

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