Thursday, January 26, 2006


Coffee is good for you.
Just about everything is good for you in moderation
or in the appropriate amounts.
Take arsenic, for example.
Too much and you're dead.
But a teeny tiny wee little bitty bit is good for you.

"The most impressive reported sign of arsenic deficiency is decreased growth of goats..."
So how are your goats? What? You don't have goats.
Well, there you go.
"a recent human study suggested that arsenic homeostasis is altered by hemodialysis, and that low serum arsenic is correlated with central nervous system disorders, vascular disease, and "possibly" cancer."

Now don't go out there and start taking arsenic, you get plenty
enough naturally (starchy veggies, fish, meat, angry spouse).
I was just making a point that when people
tell you how bad something is, they're poopheads.
It's bad only if it's misused.

I do not misuse coffee. I have one, maybe two cups a day.
I brew my own. But it is no coincidence that the Food
Channel's Alton Brown had a show on coffee and coffee
freshness, and then I happened upon:

I may never sleep again.

Quotes from:

arse, heh, heh

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