Thursday, December 01, 2005

Avert Your Eyes Now -- Politics and Torture

Would you rather be a prisoner of the US with no rights, no representation, and subject to torture OR

a grasshopper which has been infested with parasitic hairworms which produce a brainwashing protein that drives the grasshopper to water where it drowns and the worms reproduce?

Artifacts in France indicate that modern humans and neanderthals lived in the same region at the same time, 38,000 years ago and now in Washington, DC.

A Japanese scientist says that human hands, soles of feet and the forehead produce detectable light. Hence the expression, she's very light on her feet. And the origin of using the light bulb in cartoons for brilliant ideas. As for the hands, go stand in a totally dark room. Now touch your nose with your little finger. See! How could that be possible unless there was enough light emitted from your hand so you could find your nose.

Some ideas may seem silly at first, but once you have committed yourself to something truly stupid, silliness will seem pretty smart.

Here's proof:
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Now get out there and prove that humanity can last another 1000 years.

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