Sunday, December 11, 2005

Beer good, Beer bad, Making beer huh?

My littlest sister thinks I made beer. She is incorrect.
I have made award winning wine.

She, however, is an amazing watercoloristical painter.
And even as we do not speak, we are using recipes from
"Texas Ties" link to be provided later, for our supper!
within which she has painted pictures of innocent animals
and plants that will give their lives to our dinner.

Unfortunately, the brisket is long gone so we're alas using
the cat for the best brisket recipe ever from the book.
He's got 5 lives left so he's in on the deal, he loves, um,
fud. He wasn't too happy about being doused in soy sauce and

But it smells good!

More later, but the ID must CP his LS, Qt.


FrothMistress said...

I have "word" from the Lucky cat-he's amassing his posse and they're deliberating your fate. I'd be concerned. Or at least, I'd hide the worcestireshoot sauce.

FrothMistress said...

Wait. You did too make beer at some point. You did. Or was that some other brother?