Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Other Brother

I have not made beer. It may be the other brother.
I don't remember having a brother, but that doesn't mean there wasn't one.
I distinctly remember an older and younger sister. They do not make beer.

But then when I consider the rest of my relatives, I get confused.

Most recently my nieces have been posting to OKCupid and MySpace (what a pit stop) and one of them on Tribe also. I may not actually be related to some of them, and it's quite difficult to keep up with their comings and goings.

Sara (is it with or without the H? I don't know anymore) is a brilliant orphaned at a young age organic chemist, who came into some money and is currently in the Australian outback with a bunch of drunken botanists and naturalists finding new species. She is tough as nails and a straight shooter, so don't piss her off.
She was a wild child but she's matured so it's about time she took down her nekkid pictures.

Willa left home at age 17 and became a professional housesitter. At 19 now she's a pretty stable mellow young woman who keeps her friend Hannah from harm.

Hannah is a petite sex maniac who has a drinking problem which is why Willa has to sit on her from time to time to keep her from doing stupid things. Alas, Hannah is currently in Baja working in and on a movie, so let's hope she doesn't cause any international incidences.

And then there's Abby, the sweetheart, almost 18 and ready to become a veterinarian or a vegetarian. Tough decision.

I'm concerned about Abby because she's getting hit on on OKCupid by a lot of old Canadian dudes, old being over 30. Of course she's cheating by saying she's 18 and tarted up her profile some. Potentially dangerous. I should talk to her parents but they always seem to be away to some event.

Meanwhile, once again H. Richard Doigt has vanished to who knows where. Probably because his agent was nagging him about finishing his next book which I think was due last month.

Samuel F. Greene is, as we speak, flying back from Argentina from some kind of secret government operation. Don't know exactly what but it may involve penguins, and not those cute ones from the movie. These I suspect are terrorist penguins.

They all make me and my known sisters look kinda boring.
Well, time to check the girls profiles and see if they've been arrested.


FrothMistress said...

Holy crap. Tell me that niece isn't trolling with the weirdos on the 'net. That is scary.

FrothMistress said...

Maybe it was Paul who made beer?