Thursday, December 15, 2005


There exists a very old bulletin board we call 'bb' that some clever people created at the University of Washington initially for programmers to share ideas. This was before email was so easy and common.

Time passed. The programmers eventually left the UW but bb continued. It's old code but every now and then someone creates an upgrade. A lot of people have posted to it but now it's down to a few diehard UW employees and cyberfriends from all around the country.

But it's still one of the best places to get answers to anything, and it's also populated by some really smart and entertaining people.

Then there's me. On Fridays, typically not many people log on, so I go from room to room posting lots of fluff. This infuriates some people, entertains others, and some try and ignore me. But it's not possible. Now you can easily ignore blogs. But you can't ignore fluffy friday, especially like today when it unexpectedly falls on Thursday.

So if any of you masochists out there are on a unix or linux server you can run code on, you could become part of a truly awesome group of strange people.

But most people are too spoiled these days to want to spend time on a non-graphic totally text oriented bb. Too bad because it's so much more entertaining.

For example, some people go to lots of movies and never read the books anymore. But the world needs both, and people should enjoy both. Or maybe it's like digging a hole or watching a movie of digging a hole. Two different methods and you shouldn't just limit yourself to one or the other.

Today's word is: pleonasm

Qu'est-ce que c'est? What is it that it is?


FrothMistress said...

Thank you. I've just acquired a new, fresh, unseen to me, non-old,really new and newish word.
Redundancy, thy name is, er, redundancy?

FrothMistress said...

Interestingly it moves around to "neoplasm". How intriguing.