Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hey, kids, what time is it?

Do you ever wake up and feel kind of fuzzy, out of it?
Do you ever feel on some days that you and the world are a bit out of synch?

Well, although Einstein's theory of relativity may not be perfect, most of it has held up pretty good so far, which means that none of us exist in the same time frame.

Consider the astronaut that flies into space at near the speed of light and comes back a month later in his time, but for us back here on Earth, years have passed.

The same is true for all of us on a smaller scale. People who take lots of airplane trips are moving faster than those who don't. Consequently they are relatively younger than those who stay on the ground and go slow.

While the amount of time difference from any one person to the next is normally extremely small, nonetheless, all of us are living in our own time frame and that slight difference from everyone else is often the cause of confusion and miscommunication.

People who live at the equator are moving much faster than people who live farther north or farther south. This means they live longer relative to those who live near the poles.

Be of good cheer. That doesn't mean they actually live more years in their lives, just longer than compared to your life years.

That's the neat thing about relativity, it's all relative and doesn't have any practical effect on your life span, only on your ability to interact with the people around you because you're all on a different plain of time.

Fuzzy time. This is more clearly evident when you understand


which clarifies the structure and nature of the universe and how space is like a trampoline.

I can tell you are all very excited about this. No?
Well, you will be when you find out that you can actually peer around time.
Alas, it is not the same as seeing the future which could make you rich,
but it is fun, as long as you are careful. After all, trampolines are dangerous.

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FrothMistress said...

I was peering the other day and saw Albert and Oppie smoking behind the moon. Does that count?