Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Well, in an unusual (but I guess not unexpected by me) move, I've been fired as an Intelligent Designer. I've been pretty sloppy, I admit it.
I mean, look at yourself!

Too many teeth for the mouth, bent spine, leftover parts like appendix, snot (it was funny when I first made it but it gets old when there it is, so much of it all the time), toe jam (what was I thinking), and sex! Good grief, have you ever seen slugs in love!

So I'm not going to cry in my soup. I'm moving on. I'm still employable. I can still pull off a few minor miracles like chocolate cherry cheesecake or smoked turkey.

I think the only really big downer to this is the instant mortality. They handed me my termination package, complete with instant mortality, and, D'OH, I stepped outside and it was raining profusely (good ol' Pacific Northwest), got it wet, so I didn't even get a few millenia of extra years, the instant mortality went POOF and now I have to watch out for California drivers and salmonella.

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